Why Screen Transfer

  1. Quick Turnaround: 24 - 72 hours after order confirmation


  1. Easy Application
    1. No need for weeding like traditional cad-cut/vinyl transfers
    2. Transparent carrier sheet for easy and precise placement
    3. Hot peel for fast application
    4. No need for skilled workers. No experience, no problem.


  1. Save on Garment Shipping Cost. No need for shipping your items to and from your screenprint shop any more.


  1. Zero garment stock. Print as your order comes, no inventory cost.


  1. Different logos can be combined on same sheet to save cost.


  1. Flexible logo placements. Transfers can be applied on locations where usually not accessible for screenprint or embroidery.


  1. Can be transferred onto a variety of items, not limited to shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, shorts, headwear, masks, bags and novelty items.


  1. Quality guaranteed:
    1. Soft hand feel, smooth print surface
    2. Eco-friendly ink
    3. Vibrant colors that are comparable to screenprinting
    4. Special effects possible: reflective, metallic, distress, 3D puff, rubbery, etc.
    5. Adopted by world famous sports brands like Nike, Adidas etc.


  1. Cost effective for both small and medium quantity orders. Transfers are great for events where the quantity of shirts sold is unknown beforehand. The garment doesn't have to be printed until it is sold, so there will be no leftover printed merchandise.


  1. Super economical for repeat or back orders. Always prepared for last-minute fill-in orders. Keep your customers happy. Replacement shirts and last-minute additions can be finished in minutes.
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